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Need to adjust net carbs?

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Good morning all,

I am new and hope you wouldn't mind answering a question for me. Although I have been diagnosed for three years, I don't totally have a handle yet on what my various blood sugar results mean. I know that between 4-8=feeling great. My doc and naturopath have always coached me to manage through diet, tracking carbs and how I feel. So aside from the first few weeks after diagnosis, I have never tested very often, as I have just gone by feel and my quarterly lab results (I don't know if this is a cardinal sin or not - eak).

Since last August I have been on a diet that restricts me to 30 grams of NET CARBS/DAY. It was prescribed by my naturopath who is himself a Type 1 diabetic. I have been feeling GREAT!

However, now that I have been weight training for the last 6 weeks at 6 days/week, I am worried that my Carb amounts aren't carrying me anymore. The last three days, I have been feeling very low. I have been testing frequently (before meals, 2 hours after, before gym, after gym). I have yet to have a reading over 4.8 in the last 3 days no matter when I test. When I got home from the gym last night I was at 3.8 (had a snack directly before). This a.m. when I woke up I was 4.7

I am on metformin 2x/day at 500mg

What do these numbers mean? Are they okay? Could my feeling low be due to another cause? (Maybe catching a cold?) Or do I need to adjust my net carbs to account for my weight training? (I train intensively)

I feel rather embarassed that I know so little about these numbers... :(
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I think if you are working out so extensively, you body needs more fuel in the way of more carbs to keep up with all the work your muscles are doing. I would increase your carb intake until you get decent glucose levels. I can't tell you how many carbs you should be eating. Maybe a visit with a Registered Dietician will help you determine how many carbs are good for your lifestyle.
Hi Rubystar - thanks for your response. I agree, I think an increase is in order as well, but I don't know what decent glucose levels would be? What kind of numbers do you usually look for? I don't want to overeat and end up on the roller coaster, but I guess I will likely be experimenting for a bit?

I am very naive when it comes to glucose numbers....
I think what the target range is <110 before meals and <140 two hours after meals.
When I was a good girl back when, when I was working out consistently with weights and cardio, I always ate some carbs before. Exercise does help to reduce your blood sugar, so it only makes sense that you would need carbs to carry you through. Way to go for working out!
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