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I have had Type 1 diabetes for 62 years. I have very few complications. Nerve damage and neuropathy are the complications that have bothered me the most. I had carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve damage in both arms starting 20 years ago. That kind of nerve damage is more common among diabetics but also occur among nondiabetics too. I had surgeries on my right arm and may have the same surgeries on my left arm in the years to come. I have nerve damage in my ears and have considerable hearing loss. I have other nerve damage too. I will not go into that here.

My neuropathy was diagnosed by a neurologist with an EMG about 10 years ago. I have had neuropathy in my ankles and feet for many years. At times it was so bad that I could not sleep. By getting out of bed and walking the floor I was able to relieve the symptoms but I missed out on much of my sleep. I kept a log of my blood sugar tests and I noticed that my neuropathy was not so bad on days that I had lower blood sugar levels. If my levels ran high for hours during the day the neuropathy was much worse that night. More recently I have been having very good control. My A1c's have been below 6.0 for several years. The neuropathy is no longer a problem unless I have high blood sugar for several hours during the day. I am now pumping insulin and the lows and highs have almost disappeared along with the neuropathy.


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Too bad that you went through that painful neuropathy but I'm
Happy to hear that you have it in remission due to better control
with your pump.

I had numbness in my one toe on my left foot since I had a crazy
year and slacked off my attention to my Diabetes back in 1999.
Once I discovered what it was and got my sugars back under good
control, I got the feeling back after about 6 mths. and I haven't had
any problem with symptoms since(kow).

My Mom and Dad(neither Diabetic) and my 2 Brothers(both Diabetics)
(none of them computer-users)all had Carpal Tunnel and the surgeries.
So one way or another, I guess I have that complication to look forward
to. :(
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