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Neuropathy symptoms when low BG?

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Has anyone ever felt tingling come on only when BG is low? My symptoms are new and I've had tingling/numbness/crawly flesh feelings in my hands, feet, scalp and face but usually they only appear when my sugar is low (under 70). I have an appointment with the dr. but wondering if anyone else has experienced this.
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I've never noticed that when I'm low. When my levels are running high I have the tingling, but as soon as it's under control, things are back to normal.
KISH - I have the tingling around my mouth when my BG is low. I also have hypo unawareness (meaning I can't tell when my BG is getting low) and the tingling around my mouth is the only physical symptom I have unless my BG gets down to mid 30's or 40's.

Be sure to mention your symptoms to your doctor.
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