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I got diagnosed with polyneurophati a month ago. I have lots of pain.
I have had diabetes type 1 for about 15 months. My ac1 was 12,6 when they discovered the diabetes, but I got it quickly down to about 6 (some 5,9 and some 6,1)
I live LCHF and has done that since march.
The neurolog who diagnosed me with polyneurophati said that psoriasis, low in d-vitamine, diabetes and hypothyrodism all can give you polyneurophati, and since I have all those diseases I would have to be extreme lucky if I didn`t got polyneurophati even if I controlled my BG as good as possible.
The polyneurophati will never go away not matter what I do, but I can make it develop a little bit slower by taking good care og myself.
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