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New Diabetes Treatment

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My son told me yesterday May 1, 2009 , that he has seen on television news story about new diabetes cure using Grapes, maybe grape extract. I really don't know. Has anybody seen this?
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the only cure is live cell or stem cell therapy which can only be done in Mexico or Europe. i myself am researching live cell therapy alot. i have heard it used a lot for skin treatments and other things. i can only pray that it could work for diabetes also. Google it and learn more. all i know is they take a baby cow embryo and inject the pancreas cells from it into your body and your body's immune system doesn't recognize it as a cow because it is at such a low development level and those cells start to recreate and bring your pancreas back to life i believe. i may not be 100% correct. GOOGLE will be better than me :p
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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