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New Diabetes Treatment

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My son told me yesterday May 1, 2009 , that he has seen on television news story about new diabetes cure using Grapes, maybe grape extract. I really don't know. Has anybody seen this?
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Dear Rubystar2,
Pol remember that for seeking a positive result (reduction in sugar levels, and perhaps even normalcy), merely taking cinnamon may not help adequately. As written earleir, seek a programme that creates conditions in your body good enough for the body to carry out "repairs". ...e.g. detoxification, enhacement of cells through good nutritious diet ( not deficient diet ), taking herbs that help the body to work directly on affected sitee (pancres/beta cells, in our case),etc.
For all these, empower yourself with as much knowledge reg. diabetes as possible. None of these herbs are harmful - even if they do not work. Have seen cases where diabetics have refused to go to doctor, and control their sugars this way. All the best. Trust in your body's capability to carry out repairs .Regards
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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