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New Diabetic

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Hello all,
I was just diagnosed with diabetes and I hope to find more information on it here than my Dr has given me so far. I am sure you will see my 2nd post asking questions about symptoms and etc. Thank you in advance for all of your help!:)
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Welcome to Diabetes Forum! Ask all the questions you want, we are here to help.

I was just diagnosed too...I think

Went for my annual physical the other day and on my return visit, my. Dr. just casually mentioned that my blood glucose was 13 and that now that I had diabetes I should lose weight...thanks for breaking the news so gently doc. He called me in today to do another blood test just to confirm the initial results, but he has scheduled me a meeting with Diabetes educator, which tells me he's pretty sure I have trype 2 Diabetes. In the meantime I have been doing a lot of research and the internet, and I gotta tell you that I am truly scared (I'll even admit to have a brief boo-hoo after being told I have diabetes). I'm reading all kinds of stuff that diabetes shortens your life by 10 years, as I gae it will reduce my mobility and I'll probably have a stroke or heart disease. No wonder I feel depressed. Like all diabetes newbies, the first thing I Googled was "Diabetes Type 2 cures"...needles to say I cam up empty handed. Hope you don't mind if I look around thios forum and ask some dumb questions.

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Finnegan,I have transferred this post to your other thread.
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