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New guy... Need Help!

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Well to make a long story short.... I am 26 year old male. I was in great shape going into college but that is where my downfall began. I entered college at 6 ft 200 lbs and athletic. I left college 5 years later at 6 ft 280 lbs..... I am finally sick of my new body and im fully ready and 100% committed to doing this. The only problem is I need help. I am not sure if I have Type 2 Diabetes or not but just my main health has had me feeling tired with not much energy. I am going to start exercising tonight, I need to start slow bc I havent done a whole lot of exercising the past 5 years. Well here are soime symptoms that have me feeling a little freaked out lately... For about the past 3 months id say every once in a while in the morning I will wake up with tingling fingers and hands. I am scared about that, I have also had a little bit of chest pain lately, nothing terrible but small pain here and there. I am scared but I also dont have Insurance right now. I just got a new job in Construction which thankfully gives me a little bit of a workout as your on your feet all day, however I dont get insurance until I have worked 500 hours... Right now im at 150 hours. I kind of want to wait it out but im also kinda scared and want to just get my mind right and figure out how to get healthy again. I dont know how to eat or count calories, I have never done that. I usually just throw something on the grill, grab some fast food, eat junk food... i need to stop all that. What are healthy food options for Type 2 Diabetes patients? I want to go to grocery tonight but i dont even know what to get
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i also have been on lexapro 20 mg, on and off for the past 6 months. I need to start taking that everyday.
What are healthy food options for Type 2 Diabetes patients? I want to go to grocery tonight but i dont even know what to get
I'm sure that your doctor, preferably an Endocrinologist (they specialize in diabetes) told you about a low carbohydrate diet. Learn to read labels, and buy foods that are low in carbs. With diabetes learn to count carbs.

Go on the internet, and Google "The Calorie King", it's a web site that lists different foods, and restaurants. They also have a book at for $9.00, that comes out every year. This is what I use to count carbs.
email me at luyoungrn at yahoo for a copy of my carbohydrate book.
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