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New Guy

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Hi Everyone, I was diagnosed about a month and a half ago...Ignored all the warning signs for far too long and finally got checked out. Hoping to gain info, insight and support here so I can better deal with my new life.I'm finished feeling sorry for myself and now I just want get this under control.
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Good to meet you, Free . . . and good for you taking the reins already.

Do you have a meter to test your levels? That's about the first step in taking control - knowing where you are to begin with. Are you type 1, type 2 or somewhere in between? Are you on any meds or insulin? What advice has your doctor given so far? Nothing like being nosy, eh? :D

Okay, I'll stop for now . . . but thank you for joining us. I hope you come by often. As you say, the info, insight and support gained from sharing with other patients is something I've found truly invaluable.
G'morning, Free. You have all my good wishes for quick healing of your toe . . . and the lower your levels drop, the better it is for rapid healing. You've made excellent progress in 1½ months!

Eating healthy is definitely expensive, but what I've found on metformin is that I eat less! ;) Mebbe not enough less that it helps the budget much, but met curbs my appetite & has helped me drop a little weight.

At diagnosis my doc told me to keep carbs under 100g per day. When that wasn't working, he upped my metformin, but it still didn't work, so I have dropped my carb intake down around 50-60g per day. I feel really good & am missing my carbs less and less all the time (those being rice, potatoes, bread, etc). It helps that I found a high-fiber tortilla which tastes great & doesn't spike me, and I also developed a low-carb resistant-starch bread that is pretty meter-friendly too. The payoff is that my levels are now grouping between 85 and 130 with most between 90-110, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts - always keeping in mind that this is a progressive disorder, so I dasn't become complacent.
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Welcome aboard, JTyler. I hope you'll make yourself at home here & we can get better acquainted. I love the vision of you & your dog on the trail, and West Virginia is beautiful country for that kind of recreation - at least around Morgantown, which is all I've seen of it.

So tell us more about how you manage your diabetes.

take care & hurry back,

As soon as your toe is better you need to get out and do some hiking. Get a dog or a friend and hit up some hiking trails. Nothing better to get exercise. Its some of the most peaceful time you'll ever have. check out these hiking sticks (diabetessurvivalstaff). I hike with one of these and I don't have a worry when I'm in the woods.
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Watch what I eat and walk alot. I went from 270lbs to 180lbs since I found out I had diabetes and I feel like a million bucks.
I'll bet you look like a million bucks too . . . isn't it great?!! :D :D :D

Hey! Tell us more about that walking staff . . . does it hold emergency items or what? I know you said you carry a small bag too - so describe the staff for me.
You ain't that far from where I'm at. I'm down near Parkersburg. Your just a little under 2 hrs away.
Well now I live in southern Missouri, but our daughter went to school in Morgantown. She dearly loved it there. Had a little apartment over somebody's garage out in the woods.
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