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New Guy

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Hi Everyone, I was diagnosed about a month and a half ago...Ignored all the warning signs for far too long and finally got checked out. Hoping to gain info, insight and support here so I can better deal with my new life.I'm finished feeling sorry for myself and now I just want get this under control.
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Thanks Shanny and breezeonby , I do have a meter and this mornings reading was 165. When I was diagnosed it was 418. It came down to the 170's pretty quick with metformin 500mg x 2. Doc upped the dosage to 850 x 2, I also take lisinopril 20mg x 1.I'm a little frustrated as i seem to be stuck there for the time being. Also working on the diet which is a's expensive to shop healthy ! I'm type 2 and have a family history...My Mom passed from renal railure as a complication yet I still managed to ignore what was happenning to me. Fear, denial and ignorance make for a bad mix. I'll start to exercise as soon my toe heals up all the way , a little partial amputation surgery...told you I waited too long. I've managed to lose about 25-30 pounds with the diet since the diagnosis so hopefully I can continue the trend. It feels good to talk to people who can appreciate the experience...thanks again !!!
Yeah, I definitely plan to take advantage of the impending weather warm up. i'd much rather walk outside than on the treadmill. Getting impatient with the close to healed but I know I can't rush it and risk further problems. Thanks for the input !
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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