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New Guy

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Hi Everyone, I was diagnosed about a month and a half ago...Ignored all the warning signs for far too long and finally got checked out. Hoping to gain info, insight and support here so I can better deal with my new life.I'm finished feeling sorry for myself and now I just want get this under control.
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As soon as your toe is better you need to get out and do some hiking. Get a dog or a friend and hit up some hiking trails. Nothing better to get exercise. Its some of the most peaceful time you'll ever have. check out these hiking sticks (diabetessurvivalstaff). I hike with one of these and I don't have a worry when I'm in the woods.
Watch what I eat and walk alot. I went from 270lbs to 180lbs since I found out I had diabetes and I feel like a million bucks.
You ain't that far from where I'm at. I'm down near Parkersburg. Your just a little under 2 hrs away.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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