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New here... well new to the whole thing

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Hi, I am new to this forum and relatively new to diabetes. I am not quite T2 (getting there) but I am acute reactive hypoglycemic that is getting almost impossible to control with just diet and exercise. I am severely insulin resistant and my A1C is high. This week I had my 6 month checkup after being diagnosed about a year and a half ago. The results were the worst yet so we are going to do some more tests next week and finally start meds.

I am excited to join this community as I do not know anyone in real life with diabetes/hypoglycemia. My family is as confused as I am with not knowing what to expect other than what we have experienced so far. I am pretty young so I am just glad we have caught it when we did so we can take steps towards a healthier life.

Feel free to ask any questions etc as I hope to learn along with members of this forum on how to make life a little easier when it comes to coping and just every day things.

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Welcome to our forum, Cordy . . . good to meet you. I'll surely be asking questions, because my knowledge of reactive hypoglycemia is slim to none. Do you have a meter & do you test your BG throughout the day?

If my memory serves, Houston has some fine medical facilities, so you prob'ly have a good team working with you on this. Keep us posted, and ask all the questions you want too! We're all here to find our own best path for this journey, and every little hint/tip helps.

take care,

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Please feel free to ask as there are a lot of people out there who are hypoglycemic to some levels and without testing or treatment they increase their chance of developing diabetes greatly. I will be happy to share anything I know about it.

I do test my bg about an hour and a half after I eat to ensure I do not crash. Due to my insulin resistance I can crash and get into the low 40's if not watched. My body produces way too much insulin as I do not always process it. So right after I eat my bg gets high and remains there for about 2 hours. Then my body will use all the insulin (too much as it keeps producing as my bg does not come down) and crash me. Due to this I eat about every 2 hours in order to keep a constant supply of sugar as well as do not eat simple carbs or high sugar foods. This prevents me from spiking up and producing too much insulin. Its getting almost impossible to control via diet anymore so we are looking at synthetic insulin options.

Houston has a great medical center and I truly love my endo doc. She is great help. She set me up with a nutritionist. The worst part of reactive hypoglycemia is the things like tremors in my hands. Its an outward symptom that I cannot hide and other people tend to notice and ask about it.

It is basically treated as pre-diabetic and once it cannot be controlled with exercise and diet in generally results in type 2 diabetes as it is controlled with the same medications and treatments.
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Hello Cordy, welcome aboard! This is a good place to learn about diabetes online. We have some very experienced Type 2 and Type 1 diabetics here. Let us know about your concerns. :)

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