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I hope to find friends to talk to about type 1 diabetes. My daughter was diagnosed over a year ago. I found the #1 nutritional microbiologist on the planet and my daughter began following his program. His name is Robert O. Young and one book he wrote is called, "The pH Miracle for Diabetes". She does not require any medication. Her blood sugars are normal. He teaches how to clean up the internal terrain so that it will return to optimal health. Has anyone else had a similiar experience?
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If a person does not have high blood sugars then there is no need for insulin, right? When a body is in balance and blood sugars are normal, surely you would not give insulin. Based on what I have learned, damage to various organs are caused by high blood sugars. Stop the high blood sugars or eliminate them as much as possible.
My daughter was experiencing the symptoms of highs and lows. Highs were sleepy and lows were pale (white). These are things that have gone away. She eats a strict diet, but receives proper nutrition. She is growing and gaining weight. Education is key. Find out what the doctors do not want you to know.

The endroc. confirmed his diagnosis with lab work.
I understand your thinking because I use to think the same way. "The New Biology" is a way of understanding our bodies and what they need for a healthy survival. The key is in the blood. The blood runs through every part of our body. Everything I have learned makes sense. I had to begin to think outside the medical box. I would check out Robert Young's blogspot, receive free emails and the book that began our journey is "The pH Miracle for Diabetes". Most books on diabetes only talk about reversing or curing type 2's in this book you will also find information on what he believes about type 1's. It has changed our lives in a positive light.
The endroc. confirmed his diagnosis with lab work.
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