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I hope to find friends to talk to about type 1 diabetes. My daughter was diagnosed over a year ago. I found the #1 nutritional microbiologist on the planet and my daughter began following his program. His name is Robert O. Young and one book he wrote is called, "The pH Miracle for Diabetes". She does not require any medication. Her blood sugars are normal. He teaches how to clean up the internal terrain so that it will return to optimal health. Has anyone else had a similiar experience?
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IF your Daughter is a True Type 1 Diabetic, "cleaning up the internal terrain" is not going to bring her to optimal health. She is most likely in the "honeymoon phase" of Type 1 Diabetes which means she still has some Insulin working in her pancreas. This happens to many Diabetics in varying degrees.

Once her pancreas no longer secretes Insulin she will go into DKA and Coma. No book or "cleaning of the terrain" can stop her faulty immune system from attacking her Insulin producing beta cells.

I hope and pray that you take care of your Daughter's Life. IF she is a Type 1, she needs to be on the treatment of Insulin, a designated diet for her by her Dietician, exercise and daily testing of her blood sugars (at least 6 times a day). She most likely only needs a small amount of insulin right now.
I wish you both Well. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Hi again.

Sorry, I, as most long-term Diabetics, have heard of so many cure-alls,I
just tend to just ignore them.

I obviously don't know you or your Daughter or her health history, so I don't
know how to take, what you are saying.

Type 1 is an autoimmune disease. My Brothers and I were dxd. at ages 3 and 4. My Sister is still not a Diabetic, thankfully. We all ate the same healthy foods, grew up in the same house, neighbourhood, town, country.
I don't understand about this nutritional balance you are talking about. Nutrition had nothing to do with us getting Type 1.

I'm thinking more that your Daughter was misdiagnosed or is a Type 2.
Type 2 Diabetics can live on a low-carb diet without Insulin for many, many years. A Type 1 cannot. They will perish.
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