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Oh, I hear you there!

I can tell you that I LOVE Korean cuisine. Nothing is tastier than scrambled eggs with kimchi topped with grilled eel glazed with Gochujang paste.
I agree that the high carb Western diet is bad for you, but I don't think that the answer is just the carbs... I think its the combination of the high fat and the refined carbs that is the culprit.
I know that a lot of traditional Asian cuisine relies heavily on rice, lots of vegetables and very little meat. What I love about Asian cuisines is that there is a LOT of flavor packed into each meal. I mean, I have yet to find a Bapimbap? that can hold a candle to what I ate from my friend's wife. (Who made her own Kimchi and taught me how!)
Do what's right for your body. The first step is education, and it looks like you have that covered in spades. Test, Test test, and good luck!
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