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Welcome, Loma. Can you tell us if he's been put on any meds for this, and what, if any, suggestions have been made by his medical team?

Was he provided with a glucose meter? He'll need one to begin frequent testing, at least until he learns which foods to avoid. Start the day by testing as soon as he wakens & before he eats anything - that is called his fasting blood glucose level (BG) or blood sugar level (BS). Since he prob'ly isn't on Medicare yet, does he have medical insurance? Sometimes meters are covered by insurance, but he would need to contact them to see which brands of meters & strips they cover. The strips can be expensive.

As you prowl around our boards, you'll find a lot of agreement for lowering carbohydrate intake, meaning removing processed foods & fast-acting carbs from our diet (way-of-eating). This usually means reducing or eliminating grain products (bread, cereal, etc., made from wheat, corn, oats, rice & many other grains), potatoes, pasta, and other "white" foods. Anything made with white flour or sugar causes trouble.

There's plenty of help here, so visit often . . . if he's at all computer literate, we'd love to meet him.

Thank you for joining us! :)
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