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Hi I'm Sue. I live in England and am 57, a mother and grandmother. I have type 2 diabetes, at present poorly controlled. I have had diabetes about 15 years and have been on insulin for about 10 years. I am not on any other diabetes medication at present. I had severe stomach problems with metformin. I had sulphonureas for a few years but then they stopped being effective so had to go onto insulin. I am overweight ( about 70 pounds overweight). Some of the time I stick to the diet my dieticien provided but I then cheat and get off the diet. Sweets ( candy) is my big temptation especially chocolate.

My sugars are running high all the time and my diabetes nurse has suggested I see the consultant to see if he will prescribe Byetta (exenatide). This is quite new over here and is not usually prescribed with insulin. I am told that, in the US, people have had it for some time and I would like to hear about their experience with it.Thanks.

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