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I just received a new lancing device called "Renew Advanced Lancing System". It is a small round countainer with the lancets on a little disk. You load the disk, each disk contains 20 lancets you pull a little handle adjust the depth and push a little button. You don't touch the lancets. The lancets are very thin. I bought it from a diabetes internet store. I am having carpal tunnel release surgery on Thursday (2/04). I will be using one hand for a few weeks and I needed some help with handling lancets. I saw this system advertised and thought it would be perfect. It is pretty nice. The cost is just a little more than BD lancets. I also purchased some pre-filled insulin syringe cases so that I can get at least a weeks worth of syringes filled. The cases are pretty convenient too. The last time I had surgery on my hand, I was a little unprepared and this time I know better. I love getting new diabetes gadgets. It makes testing a little on the fun side. Ever try to guess what your blood sugar reading might be? I love guessing although I am not very good at it. Well-good night folks!--Becky:)
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