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New med for me

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Hi, I told Dr I can’t take Metformin any more and almost went to ER. He now gave me Glimepiride and been taking it I guess 4 days now and side effects all gone now. Should have done this sooner. One milligram with breakfast. Is it working not sure. My morning fasting numbers are high then in afternoon I got 99 twice…. But I know meter strips not accurate. ill have to wait till next bloodwork months from now to see if it’s working. Told Dr that I will never go back to Metformin again and also told him if this Glimepiride does not work I’m going to quit diabetic meds and let nature take its course. I’ve only had this type 2 since 2017 not like others who had it for many years. what Triggered all this was getting sick too much for a long time and I new Metformin was not working because A1C jumped from 6.9 to 8.1 in 6 weeks. If this Glimepiride works I’ll be happy as zero side effects. Thanks
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Nice to see you back, Ratter51.

Some people do have trouble adjusting to metformin's digestive effects. And, for some people, met is not enough to manage their blood glucose.

I'm glad the glimepride seems to be working for you. The jump in A1c is a little surprising since it usually covers a 12-week interval, but let's hope the glimepride takes care of that. Do you have another A1c scheduled?
Hi, sometimes I go in and he says next time. I think he goEd by when the United Health Care will pay for it. Not positive. Just had the latest last week. The 2 A1C tests before were 8 weeks apart or so. Both were 6.9 the very highest it was is 7.5 but then for no reason dropped below 7 As mentioned. I asked about the tv add Trilicity or Ozempic and he said no. But I’m very serious about stopping any anti diabetes meds should I get sick again. We kept telling her m and his staff about the constant runs and seems they ignored it as a side effect everyone gets. But my wife went down there and blasted them then got a response. Dr called at 5pm told him I came close to throwing up and said go tomER then said first wait 2 hours and halt all meds at once. Few hours later he called back I said feeling better and he called pharmacy up and I got the Glimepiride. I gotta say I’m am completely fed up with this type 2 stuff. I really am.
Hi Ratter, welcome back.

Sorry to hear you were having issues. I would be interested to hear about the problems you were having that almost got you to the ER. By side effects all gone are you referring to high BG levels or something more?

Hope your new med works better for you. It is a sulfonylurea drug, it makes your pancreas produce more insulin. The extra insulin production is probably what is bringing down your BG numbers. One downside is that you may get extra insulin even when you don't need it. So you need to keep an eye on your BG by using that meter. Your BG could get low and you would need to eat/drink something to bring it back up. No the meters are not dead on accurate but they would give a fairly good trend of the direction your BG is going.

Metformin doesn't work that way. It helps keep your BG down by slowing down the absorption, storing, and production of glucose by your liver. It will not lower your BG from eating things that would significantly raise your BG. Metformin works best with a reduced carb diet if you want to get the most benefit from it.
The big issue was every time I ate something it runs right through me. This is what I think caused my hospital stay last June for 5 days. Laundry list of stuff. Maybe the metformin worked in the beginning and turned?? For sure was getting sick from it. Main thing was constant diarrhea. Rundown all the comes on fast too. Going 7 to 12 times a day is not right. Anyway keep my fingers crossed this Glimepiride works. He might increase it too 2 milligrams I suppose. Blood pressure was 140 over 80 I think. Take cholestral pill every other night. Other meds too. Prostate etc. have to watch meds don’t clash.
Well, metformin is known to cause some digestive distress initially, some get over it in a couple of weeks, for some it takes a little longer, but not that long. That ain't right it causing you that much trouble that far along in it. There are some people that just can't take it for the very thing you experienced. Your doctors should have had taken heed of your concerns and found something else a lot sooner. If you have issues with your new med, you need to let your doctor know right away. You might want to quit it right then until you can talk to your doctor, but don't just quit and say nothing. I'd almost bet that your wife might blast you if you did that.
Yes. ill take the Glimepiride religiously 30 day supply. But the meter readings are weird. First time yesterday (Thursday) took 4 readings. All above 150 to 190 area with 2 in the 170’s. I posted them yesterday. But random testing were two on the money at 99. So why the next day such a huge difference?? I’ll see how things go.
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latest, meter readings were over 200 one even 249. Called Dr. He said take one Glimepiride breakfast and another at dinner. Said takes about ten days. been three days and morning fasting has been around 170. I always do two tests and the numbers are almost right on to each other.
Hi, latest update on the Glimepiride is averaging around 165 give or take. But last 2 fasting s was 180’s. The Dr said keep taking it until next bloodwork in June. I said ok. But to be honest I know I’m eating the wrong foods a lot. Just eat what I want. Been on a Wawa milkshake kick last week and pizza kick. I’m not gonna lie about what I eat. Only side effects are a little tired but not bad and lowered labedo. I kiddingly call diabetic pills slow castration pills. My Dr said to me do t worry so much about the high numbers he is more worried about going to low. Told him the numbers seem to be going up not down. Said do you want me to take 3 pills he said no. So been taking 2 a day with meals as he said to do. That’s the latest. Thanks
Forgot to mention last June was in hospital for 4 or 5 days with 104 temps for awhile going up and down. They did blood glucose and they told me if it hits 150 they had to give insulin injection. It did 2 or 3 times but they used a black pen thing. Did not hurt but worked real good. Had Landry list of issues. Diverticulosi, pulmonary embolism, another kind of embolism sepsis renal failure stage 2 kidney damage gall bladder disease but not bad respiratory failure severe Diarrhea ane others I cannot recall. The type 2 was the lest of their worries I think. had all kinds of tubes and shots then temp went down. All I did was go to ER when my temp hit 104 asking for a anti biotic pill and they immediately put me in a room. Good to go now. They fixed everything. firgot To mention they said my top of my lungs was stuck together.
anyway they never really mentioned the Diabetes except a few glucose tests and the pen injections. long Post but that’s the latest other than other post.
Thanks hospital stay was 4 or 5 days. Vitamin D low but taking the once a week vitamin D.
Yes but they fixed me up but I’m starting to age at 68 Lolaughs Kidney can’t be fixed but I looked it up and it’s not bad. I don’t want to bore anyone with health issues but my lower back has put me in ER 8 times. I clean gutters on houses. Seasonal work but great strain on the body. Not sure how much longer I can do it. Dangerous work
Now a new problem. It’s unbelievable. Taking Glimepiride twice a day and few days ago i was shaking a little felt weak and drove home with my wife almost kinds passed out. I told my wife get grapes and I ate green grapes and got better but stayed in bed rest of the day. I did two glucose tests one was 90 and other pretty close. Has never been that low. Called the Dr abd he said stop the meds for a day and next day use one Glimepiride a day. I said I took it with breakfast but we eat lunch a 3pm everyday. He said the med was working but to eat lunch earlier. Need to have food. It almost happened again today because ate real late again. The meter reading are all over the place. AM getting fed up with this crap. Once a day then see what June bloodwork says. But getting fed up
Day started ok then around 2 pm started feeling kinda like a person who gets heat stroke gets, said in van to wife I don’t feel214 good and so on. I said I it may be low sugar get me some grapes when we got home and she did but before I at the grapes took readings which were never that low then ate the grapes fast and started to feel a little better. A few hours later or maybe more did a glucose and was 170 area.

this morning did fasting test was 191 then another 214
OK, had McDonalds and the Glimepiride tablet. Was kinda tired and around 12pm started to get that “off” feeling. Said to my wife I bet if I do a meter test it will be low. Was not sure but I did two reading and both 120. Wife went and we split a roast beef sub I have less really. And started to feel better. I also had half an orange at 12pm. Feel better now. Seems the Glimepiride works somewhat. But at times readings high…..go figure
I am thinking of cutting my Dr off. Been taking anti diabetic drugs for I guess 5 years now and have doubts about the effectiveness of the meds. I know I’m not going to eat that ridiculous diabetic diet. So I’m wasting his time and mine. Just did a 1pm test and it’s 181 and second test immediately following first test was 190. The meds not gonna work if I can’t or don’t want to follow that rabbit food diet. No need to respond
Just my brother who had type 1 and died at 50 years ago. That’s not the same.
this says it all. I’m not doing it for attention just disgusted.
I am thinking of cutting my Dr off. Been taking anti diabetic drugs for I guess 5 years now and have doubts about the effectiveness of the meds. I know I’m not going to eat that ridiculous diabetic diet. So I’m wasting his time and mine. Just did a 1pm test and it’s 181 and second test immediately following first test was 190. The meds not gonna work if I can’t or don’t want to follow that rabbit food diet. No need to respond. I’ll let him know soon. If it ever gets worse I can always start them up down the road. Good luck to everyone
I decided to take the Glimepiride every other day On my own. I’ll let the Dr know on next visit in June.
This scared my a little. Started raking again. I only skipped a couple days.


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Hi everyone, well got a change back to Metformin by my doctor. The Glimepiride was not doing anything. Just had the latest Bloodwork from Labcorp and the A1C was the highest it’s ever been. The doctor said I was doing better with Metformin so after not taking Metformin because it made me sick, perhaps the break from it allows me to resume taking it. This time it’s 750 pill once a day with breakfast. He wanted to do 50ml twice a day the decided 750 once a day. So now I guess have to wait 3 more months to see if Metformin lowers the A1C. A1C presently is 8.6 the highest it’s ever been. Yes I’m getting plenty of exercise. I quit eating bacon too. Use to have crispy bacon everyday but not anymore. That’s the latest.


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Yes I take a cholesterol pill every other night. My PCP is also a cardiologist.
Hi, Dec 5, 2023 update. Was using the glucose meter now and then and thought my A1C was around 7 use a conversion chart. Had bloodwork a couple weeks ago and A1C is 8 down from 8.5 then 8.1
Latest med is still Metformin twice a day plus now taking Januvia once a day with Metformin. One Metformin and one Januvia at breakfast and one Metformin at dinner. I completely quit using the One touch meter because it’s not accurate. Have no side effects from Januvia and Metformin. Maybe tiredness but that’s about it.
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