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New med for me

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Hi, I told Dr I can’t take Metformin any more and almost went to ER. He now gave me Glimepiride and been taking it I guess 4 days now and side effects all gone now. Should have done this sooner. One milligram with breakfast. Is it working not sure. My morning fasting numbers are high then in afternoon I got 99 twice…. But I know meter strips not accurate. ill have to wait till next bloodwork months from now to see if it’s working. Told Dr that I will never go back to Metformin again and also told him if this Glimepiride does not work I’m going to quit diabetic meds and let nature take its course. I’ve only had this type 2 since 2017 not like others who had it for many years. what Triggered all this was getting sick too much for a long time and I new Metformin was not working because A1C jumped from 6.9 to 8.1 in 6 weeks. If this Glimepiride works I’ll be happy as zero side effects. Thanks
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Hi Ratter, welcome back.

Sorry to hear you were having issues. I would be interested to hear about the problems you were having that almost got you to the ER. By side effects all gone are you referring to high BG levels or something more?

Hope your new med works better for you. It is a sulfonylurea drug, it makes your pancreas produce more insulin. The extra insulin production is probably what is bringing down your BG numbers. One downside is that you may get extra insulin even when you don't need it. So you need to keep an eye on your BG by using that meter. Your BG could get low and you would need to eat/drink something to bring it back up. No the meters are not dead on accurate but they would give a fairly good trend of the direction your BG is going.

Metformin doesn't work that way. It helps keep your BG down by slowing down the absorption, storing, and production of glucose by your liver. It will not lower your BG from eating things that would significantly raise your BG. Metformin works best with a reduced carb diet if you want to get the most benefit from it.
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Well, metformin is known to cause some digestive distress initially, some get over it in a couple of weeks, for some it takes a little longer, but not that long. That ain't right it causing you that much trouble that far along in it. There are some people that just can't take it for the very thing you experienced. Your doctors should have had taken heed of your concerns and found something else a lot sooner. If you have issues with your new med, you need to let your doctor know right away. You might want to quit it right then until you can talk to your doctor, but don't just quit and say nothing. I'd almost bet that your wife might blast you if you did that.
On the results you posted, were your Vitamin D results in range or low? Just curious.
It sounds like you may have had a hypo (low blood sugar) event, but the question is, was it a real hypo or a false hypo? A 90 is not low, it is actually a normal number, but when was this test? Was it before or after your 3 PM lunch? Was it when you were feeling bad and before the grapes? Was it after the grapes, if so, how long after?

You don't give enough detail to really know what's going on. A false hypo is where you experience the symptoms of a real hypo because your BG dropped rapidly lower than it normally runs. A false hypo doesn't put you in danger as far as BG level, but passing out while driving can be deadly, no matter the cause.

As far as eating lunch earlier, what time is breakfast? Lunch may not be so late.

The problem with sulfonylurea drugs, is they make you produce more insulin if your pancreas is capable, but it does it whether you need it or not. The possibility of hypos is a known effect with these drugs. You should probably be checking on your BG more often, especially if you are starting to feel funky.
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.... I know I’m not going to eat that ridiculous diabetic diet. ....The meds not gonna work if I can’t or don’t want to follow that rabbit food diet. .... I’ll let him know soon. If it ever gets worse I can always start them up down the road. Good luck to everyone
I invite you to browse thru our Diet and Nutrition forum, I don't think you will find much rabbit food in there,
I decided to take the Glimepiride every other day On my own. I’ll let the Dr know on next visit in June.
Probably a good decision, it's NOT if it gets worse later, it will and there may not be any getting better.
Good to hear back from you Ratter51!!!

Is your new meter also a One Touch, same model, same strips? Did you get new strips too? One way to check your meter's accuracy is to carry it with you on your next A1c test.. Test your BG with your meter right before or right after they draw blood and write down your meter's results. The doctor's office may run the BG test in their office lab. You can compare your meter's results with the doctors's office results or the results of the lab they use. My doctor's office always says they'll call me when they get the lab results back within a week but it usually only takes a couple of days.
Good luck with that approach. Keep us posted.
No, imho it is underplayed. Doctors should educate newly diagnosed patients about diabetes, tell patients how bad diabetes can be, and things they can do to avoid the complications that can develop. Yes, it can take years to do damage, but sometimes some of that damage cannot be undone, i.e. kidney damage, eyesight issue, amputation of body parts, heart disease, etc. Those are years one could be taking a proactive approach and make the changes necessary to prevent those things from happening. Those are the same years that one could choose to ignore it because they don't feel sick, aren't having symptoms, or they think are just normal with aging, and then BAM. It is our choice how we opt to deal with it.

The doctors make more off of diabetic patients that opt to wait to see if something bad is going to happen before making changes than those who opt to be proactive early on.
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