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New member from Bangkok, Thailand

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Hello fellow diabetics and other good people in this forum.

I am a Danish guy who got diagnosed with type II about 4 months ago. My Hb1Ac reading came out at 11,5 so it was pretty high. After 2-3 months I got it down to 9,5 and recently it was 8,5 so I am slowly moving in the right direction but I do find it quite difficult to control my daily blood sugar level and at the same time try to regain some of the lost weight (I went from 86 -> 71 kg) to bring me back to a for me more appropriate weight.

I have some questions that I hope you can help me with but I will post them in the relevant forum sections instead of here.

Bye for now.
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Welcome. I'm glad you found us and your A1C's are looking better and better. I can't help you with the weight gain as I am trying to lose!
Hello Frants. welcome to our community! You are on the right track wit your improvements. Keep up the good work.

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