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New member intro

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Hi all, I just found this forum. Sounds interesting. I’ve had type 1 for 57 yrs and I’m on a pump since 2000.. looking to see what others experience is.
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Hi, Cvwmn! Welcome to our community! We're glad you're here.

Please take a look around. There's several years worth of experiences, with T1, T2, T1.5, CGMs, pumps, and so on. Your contribution, as a long-time T1 and with a pump, will be valuable. I look forward to seeing more posts from you.
Cvwmn, welcome to the forum!!! I'm Type 2.

There have been many Type 1 members here. One long time member you may find of interest is Richard157. He was coming up on 75 years of being a Type 1 and was a Joslin Medalist. If you are not aware of the Joslin program, you may be interested it and can read Richard157's post here. You should be eligible to apply for the 50 year medal. You can search for more of Richard's posts using the Advanced Search feature (accessed by clicking in the Search Community box above) by typing Richard157 into the "enter members name" box and any keyword above that for something that particularly interests you. He has been inactive since 2019.

Looking forward to hearing more of your experiences.
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