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new member says hello

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hi.Iwasdiagnosed with type 1 in1988. Ilive in india & awareness abt diabetes was not much back then. anyway had a good 20 yrs with it & had a great life with marriage, a great kid & supportive family.somewhere along the way I let go& 2 yrs back was diagnosed with renal failure due to uncontrolled high blood pressure. have had a transplant 3 mths back. life is almost back to normal now& I m keeping a tight check on sugars & controlling BP with medication & yoga.
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Welcome to our community! I hope your renal failure will be under good control soon. I have been Type 1 for 63 years and I am very healthy. If we have good control of our diabetes then we have a good chance of living a long, healthy life. Good luck to you!

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