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New member with questions

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I recently had blood work done for symptoms I was having. I previously was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia (10 years ago). But recently my syptoms have gotten worse. I have been eating like a horse, starving all the time but still losing weight (down to 115 pounds). When I get hungry my hands shake, I am dizzy and frantic for food. I was emailed this morning two of my blood panels and was wondering if any of you could tell me if the numbers are concerning. I meet with my doctor next week but wanted to try and find answers sooner. My Insulin level was 3 uIU/mL. My C-Peptide was 0.8 ng/mL. Thank you so much for any info you can give. I am also waiting on some other blood work to come back.
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Hello & welcome, tmcgill. I have scant experience reading test results, but it seems to me that both your insulin and C-peptide are quite low. Now I'm going to defer to all the more knowledgeable members.

I just want to thank you for joining us and I hope you'll visit often. Everybody benefits when we can support one another.

take care,
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Thank you so much Shanny. I am hoping to find some answer to my symptoms. The one thing that is confusing to me is most of what I have read about type 1 diabetes has a symptom of being very tired all the time. I am quite the opposite! If anything I have too much jittery energy and feel "hyper" all the time, with even trouble sleeping at night. Thank you again to anyone that can help me with info on this.
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