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Am new to this forum and have been looking at the various sections, so much great information I have found already - came home with meds and told to stick to low carb diet per dr but not a clue as to what I am aiming for carb-wise. Have to wait 7 weeks to see dietician but this site is sure going to be a huge help. Sorry if I am not posting my "hallo" in he right place.
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I thank GOD for all the good things including this website that is so helpful for people on diabetes.I myself was suffered six months ago when unknowingly my blood sugar was shoot up to 354 mg and the effect to me is so painful and it leads me into anxiety but i didn't lose hope since it was just begun and i undergo an anti diabetic medication for two weeks and thanks GOD my BG were goes back to 156mg in two weeks of supervised low calorie an high fiber diet,and now i still watching my food intake and i maintain a capsule made of bitter melon and yellow ginger and it really helps a lot to me,but my serious concern is my mom who're diabetic and it affects her vision badly i hope someone can provide me a good advise to at least help my mom stays in good sight.Thank you.
Hi ruth, how are you?
i agree with you we need to help each other exchanging tips etc.,well i recommend to you the one i used and i find it so effective with me and i got it in manila philippines the name is AMPALAYA PLUS.
at the moment i am able to have a normal BG reading in an 8 hr diet and i am eating normal food but still cautious and i do stretching and walking excercise 3x a week and currently on a water theraphy 1.2 liter of water early in the morning,believe me i eat my muffin and banana cake everytime i want to but in moderation, 6 months ago i thought im in hell imagine you have to watch all the time on your food and the taste of brown rice is not as good as white rice but you know if you sacrifice for a while to get it better im sure it paid off it's worth all your effort but you have to do honestly and religiously.
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Thank you shanny and i hope with the useful info i gather from this forum would help my mom's visual condition.
Hi ruth,thanx for the link.
Honestly i have no idea if it's being exported to the U.S. and it's not available here in U.K. as well,the only way i get it thru some filipino friends who went on holiday in manila and when they cameback they brought some for me.
i still have 2 boxes with me so give me your address and i will ship it for you,don't worry because i have 2 boxes coming next month.
Hi richard thanx you for your advise for my mom.
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