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Hello all, my name is Kevin and I live near San Francisco. I'm 43 and have been Type 1 since I was 17 (1982). I've managed to avoid any complications to date, due I think to tight control. Ever since I got my first glucose meter I've tested myself constantly and adjusted food and insulin depending on the results and my expected activity levels. I played varsity sports in high school (soccer and golf) and college (rugby) and I was forced to monitor my blood sugar levels closely so my play on the field wouldn't be effected.

I have a great doctor in SF that I've seen since the early 80's. I get my A1C done every 6 months or so and I've kept it in the mid-low 5's.

My wife and kids are very helpful and know right away when my blood sugar is low. I am looking into getting the Dexcom meter to help keep me away from lows.

The reason I joined this forum today was that I uploaded to YouTube a video showing a false result I got from my One Touch Ultra meter today. It registered 334 less than an hour after it registered 99. I was going to give myself some insulin when I thought it was a good idea to re-check (since I couldn't figure out why it would have risen so high, so fast), and I re-checked a few minutes later and it registered 117.

If I had given myself Novolog based on the false 334 reading I could have been in big trouble! This has happened to me with the Ultra a few times that I recall. Lifescan sent me a replacement meter after a previous experience, but it has happened a couple of times with the new meter also. Anyway, here is the Youtube showing the two 'average' readings, and then the 117, 334 and 99 readings.

I'll post this in another folder here so others can see it.

Cheers, Kevin

EDIT - just noticed I can't post a url until I have 5 posts, so will give the youtube link when I've reached that point.
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Hi Kevin,
I've upgraded your account early so that you can post the video link.
Hi Kevin,
I've upgraded your account early so that you can post the video link.
Bob it is:

Hello Kevin, Welcome to DF as that video do show how eay it can be that a false reading can get you in trouble.
I had a day when I was working in a vineyard picking grapes and the sweet juices that I had on my hands gave me a false reading and it's that easy. So it's the story is to wash your hands before testing. ;)
Hello, and welcome to DF!

Hello and Welcome to the Forums... what a scary thought about false readings. I mean I know that sometimes meters can and will give false ones but NOT that far out of range! Did you calibrate your meter?

Once again Welcome and Thank you for posting this video...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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