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Hi - my name is Tara. I don't have diabetes, but my niece who is now 22 has had it since she was 4 - Type I
Hello Tara :), A nice name that's fit for a lady. :D Welcome to DF
I see that you have a niece who has diabetes for 18 years OMG!!! :(

She trys so hard to take care of herself, we just don't understand why this is happening. Have you ever had DKA before?
I have Tara and I can tell you it's definitely not a nice feeling. :(:( As you feel like crap!!! no energy and moody. :(
She is not taking enough insulin!! and to do this is to increase the doses gradually and test at least 5 times a day before she eats and don't look at exercise just yet. Also look at the food that you eat as Carbohydrates is the main factor that will move up Blood Glucose & carbs is not at all bad!!! it's not matching the food to insulin is the problem. ;):)
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