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Hi all.

Just here to introduce myself, my name is Lee and i live in a town called Tredegar in the South Wales valleys UK.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabete just before Christmas 2009 and to be honest struggling to get to grips with all the information regarding this.

Thanks for looking.


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Welcome, Lee, and thanks for joining us!

There is a lot to absorb at the beginning of this journey and it can be overwhelming. Sharing with others who understand where you are and have been there themselves can be a great help. Settle in here and ask all the questions you want - make any comments - rant & rave if you need to. We've all been through it and are grateful to be able to help you out too.

Tell us more about yourself and how you're managing so far.

take care,


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Hi Le

It is a lot to learn and digest

The skinny is

You need to control your BGL.
your tools

Pills and or insulin

All foods with carbohydrates (carbs) Raises BGL
especially bad carbs are
almost anything white. white bread, potato, rice, sugar and worst of all Honey (eating a potato is worse than eating sugar as far as BGL goes.)
Protein, fiber and fat
slows down the rise of BGL.
meds (pills and insulin)
lower BSL
lowers BSL

Read the labels on food packages
get to know the Glycemic index of foods.

Basically those are the tools you have, use them well and you will have a long Happy life.

O ya… To learn HOW THIS ALL AFFECTS YOU… Test, test, test before you eat, test 1 hour after you eat , test 2 hours after you eat test before exercise test after exercise.

Have fun
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