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Sarah, look up "basal testing" in your manual or online and use it to help correct your basals. The book "Pumping Insulin" by John Walsh discusses basal testing, and everything you need to know about pumping.

Your overnight basals probably need to be increased a lot. I hope you are keeping records of all your testing, carbs eaten, types of foods, bolus amounts, etc. I use my charts to help me make changes in my programming. Do you really know your insulin sensitivity (how much one unit of bolus insulin will lower your BG)? If your sensitivity is set too high then your BG can be reduced too little when you do a correction bolus. My sensitivity changes during the day and night, so I have several different sensitivities in my pump. My carb ratios also vary. I used trial and error for three months to finally get things going smoothly when I started pumping in 2007. After it was all going well my next A1c was 5.7. Pumping has given me the best control I have ever had.

Be patient and you should love your pump when all the quirks are resolved. good luck in the weeks ahead.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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