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New T2

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Hello Everyone,
I was diagnosed T2 about a month ago. I knew it was coming because my BG had been high for my last few physicals and I didnt do any thing to change my habits. My mom has also been diagnosed T2 abot a week ago. We are very familiar with this disease as it took my father 20 years ago. I think my diagnosis was a wake up call. I am 39 and will not let this disease ruin my life. Plan on being around for my wife and kids for a long time!I am on 500mg of metformin twice a day. My doctor didnt say anything about checking BG but I now do it at least 4 times a day. Highest number so far is 151. I cant seem to get fasting BG under 110. Thanks for reading my ramble!
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Welcome aboard . . . so happy to meet you!

Sounds to me like you're handling this very well, and you've caught it early on. Your metformin should be starting to kick in about now, so perhaps you'll be seeing better fasting numbers soon. It can take as much as 4-6 weeks for metformin to reach maximum blood levels. Do you find it curbs your appetite somewhat? That's been my experience with it.

Tell us more about yourself & how you're managing . . . diet, exercise, etc. There's so much we can all learn from each other.

Thank you for joining us and I hope you'll come around often to keep us posted.

take care,

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Welcome cbursk! Your attitude is great. The information you will find here can help. Let us know if you have questions.

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