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New technology- fewer finger pricks!

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My name is Bill Cross. I am the founder and president of Drive Safe Glucose Monitoring Systems, Inc.

My son is a Type 1 diabetic and is now 19 years old. As part of my efforts to help him, I have invented a non-invasive, patent-pending glucose monitor called the Drive Safe Glucose Monitor™ for diabetics to use while driving and on the go. When in production about a year from now, the Drive Safe GM™ will save hundreds of lives each year and enhance traffic safety for both diabetics and the general public.

I need your help, please go to this our web site and fill out the online survey. Just Google “Drive Safe Glucose Monitoring Systems”.

Thanks and God Bless.
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hey I would like to find out more about your product! I have a son that is a type 1diabetic.
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