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New (to me) products...

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Looks like there's only 6 but I like the idea that there's no sugar OR sweetner in them. I'm a little confused about one meal they have on the site though with white rice? Have any of you seen this or tried it?

Gluco-Null | Totally Unsweetened Foods
Gluco-Null foods have no added sweetener of any kind. There is no added sucrose, fructose, or cane syrup and there is no artificial sweetener either. These foods taste fine as they are, but you can sweeten them if you wish. If you tolerate sugar you can add it yourself. If you need to use an artificial sweetener, use your favorite. This is a great idea when one member of a family is diabetic and another is not.

Gluco-Null came into being when a physician became a type II diabetic and discovered the difficulty in finding foods that did not have added sugar and artificial sweeteners. Gluco-Null is good news for people who have been searching for foods that are low in sugar. There are plenty of sugar free desserts, but they are all made with artificial sweeteners, and who wants to eat cookies all the time! Diabetics and dieters alike will appreciate the Gluco-Null concept: absolutely no sugar or other sweetener added. Those of you who are searching for foods with a low glycemic index will be pleased to know that we are committed to giving you more food choices. Diabetics can rest assured that Gluco-Null will continue to produce the foods with your sensitivities in mind. Dieters can be confident that these foods are low-calorie, and are rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins.

Look for more delicious food choices from Gluco-Null to come in the future. And if you would like to request a version of your favorite food, let us know. We'd love to hear from you.
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