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Hi all,

I am newly diagnosed type2 person. I was dignosed about 8 weeks ago. After changing my diet and taking my prescibed meds, I now only rarely measure a BS over 100. Most times it's in the 80's. Yay!

I little of my story and it sounds like so many of the other new peoples I have read.

I have been losing weight for nearly 7 months, 35 pounds. Not that I minded it, but I knew it wasn't all good. I kept complaining to my doctors but they didn't seem all that concerned. I was, I knew I had no reason to be losing weight!

The changes took hold of me so gradually. I didn't realize that I was drinking so much. Urinating often and at night. Slow to heal. You name the classic symptom, I had it. I just couldn't see it.

In May I finally woke up to what was going on. But I had to really battle to get the doctors to listen (another story for another day). Then one day my vision just whacked out. Blurry, blurry, blurry.

I went to my eye doctor and he asked if I was diabetic. I said, I though it was quite likely, but I couldn't get in to the doctor for 3 more weeks. I was trying!

I finally borrowed a glucometer from a friend. I thought the meter was broken because I didn't believe that the results could be true. I was at 330 when I woke up and went to over 400 during the day. I finally called the doctors and told them the readings. No surprise, they finally had time to see me, the next day.

The doctors found a A1c of 13.3%. Ouch... they had to draw blood to confirm because it was so high. The numbers were right. I was pee-ing my life away! Finally the doctors were listening to me.

So, I was put on meds and sent home.

Uhhhh, right, I'm now hungry and have no idea what I am supposed to eat. I was lost. Fortunately my friend who loaned me the meter stepped in and gave me the basics of carb counting. I got by until I could get more help. I have now gone to a dietician and learned how to eat for this disease. It's a good thing I love vegetables!

I guess I'm like so many of you. I have to learn how this all works and how my body responds to the food I eat. That will take time. In the mean time, I plan to keep my blood sugar down as it is now and hopefully manage this so that I do not suffer the damage diabetes can do.
Hi JP and welcome to the site. Glad you found us and hope you'll jump right in and enjoy the friendship and information.

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