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Hi, Just diagnosed with diabetes type 2 on Monday :(...I also have MS which has no bareing on diabetes but hought I'ld say anyway....Struglling to know what is healthy to eat as it would appear food which I automatically associate with healthy eating is only healthy if you don't have diabetes!!....A few tips and ideas would be really appreciated :)... My appointment with diabetic nurse is 6th Sept and dietician 7th Sept so in the meantime?..Any advice would be greatly recieved, thankyou :)
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Any carbs will raise your blood sugar. These include breads, grains, rice, sweets, milk, fruits, any breaded/fried foods have carbs added, potatoes, corn, etc. You need to be testing your blood glucose levels after every meal to make sure that you know how certain carbs effect your blood glucose.
Excersice is also important if it is an option for you.
Best of luck and we are here to help.
Hope this helps. And welcome.
Thank you so much Joshua...What about greens and leafy veges?...I've also been told to avoid these, seems odd as always thought that these could be eaten in high quantities by anyone...Am hoping to find some basic tasty recipes...Like I said before, all new to me so thumbling around this site..Thanks again for your help :)
As a diabetic not only can you have vegetables but you should partake in vegetables. I almost always have a big salad with every dinner. The thing you need to watch out for there is the salad dressing. A lot of them have carbs to make them taste better. As for other vegetables, anytime I have eaten a meal and am still hungry, I always have a few tomatoes or carrots or green beans to satisfy my hunger and not spike my BG.
I have never heard that we should stay away from those foods. If we were to stay away from them, we would not have hardly anything to eat. Unless someone disagrees with me on this, I am calling BS.
Thank you, thank you and thank you again....I thought it strange and I now at least am i lilttle better informed...I will tackle this and be a new woman before I know it!! :)
Hello, wobblyme . . . welcome aboard. Joshua is giving excellent advice, so I'll just add that greens & other high-fiber vegetables are wonderful choices for us diabetics. But grains & most fruits are trouble for us. If you build your menus around protein & fats, you'll be fine. I use a lot of avocados & artichoke hearts, broccoli & asparagus, all the things that are high fiber.

Glad to have you with us - I hope you'll visit often and let us know how you get along. We're here to help, and will try to answer all your questions - there are some really wise and knowledgeable members here!

Thank you for joining us!
Thank you very much to both of you...I now have a smile on my face as feel a little bit informed...Now, onto dairy and protein...Am going to check on those :)
Diary products such as milk and yogurt will also raise your bg.
Protein does not and you can enjoy those in moderation and not worry about it.
Yogurts!! Oh god one of my favourite things to eat, just had one now :(, I do choose wisely and only ever have fat free....Am just realising how much this is going to change my life!!...Diabetes is a biggy to have, a managable biggy but a biggy never the less :(
Make sure you always read the labels on anything you eat. The label will tell you total carbohydrates and those raise bg.
The nice thing about diabetes that isn't true with a lot of other illnesses or diseases is that we can control it to a certain degree. It is truly a daily battle and we must wake up every morning with the willingness to fight it right. Yesterday doesn't matter anymore. For example, my bg numbers yesterday were higher than I like. Over 120 for both fasting and after breakfast. After lunch was fine but I did not practice enough self discipline at dinner and it was around 180 after dinner. I felt like a failure. But I woke up this morning and decided to tackle it TODAY. This is what we must do. My 7, 14, 30, and 60 day averages for fasting, after breakfast, and after lunch blood glucose are all under 100 and my average for after dinner are at 102. These are good and reflect a daily decision to fight.
I will pray for you and you have our support. It is new to a lot of us, I have only been a diabetic for 3 months so I do not have nearly the knowledge of some of the people on this board. But it is great for support. When I came here I was closing in on depression and the people here helped me to realize this is manageable if we get on board early.
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I don't understand all those numbers :( In a sense I am glad to have a dx as have felt really quite ill all of this year...I tend to put everything down to MS but it's not the case...I'm looking forward to meeting with the diabetic nures on sept 6th and the dietician the 7th...I feel that untill then I will be has healthy as I can but really don't understand the numbers or what level of carb is acceptable...A big learning curve and one I will master but can only absorb things in bite size chunks (no pun intended)...You have been a great help tome today, for that I thank you :)
I'm sorry. We use a different system here. We measure BG in mg/dL versus your measurements in mmol/L. In order to convert from our number to yours, simply divide by 18. To go the other, multiply your numbers by 18.
So my numbers yesterday in mmol/L were:
Fasting: 7
2 HR. After breakfast: 7.11
2 HR. After Lunch: 5.33
2 HR. After Dinner: 10.33

My normal fluctuations are between 3.88 and 6.66 on the high side. I prefer around 5.55. Most people have been told that anything over 7.77 does some damage but that number is being discovered as actually too high.

Does that make any more sense?
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