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I'm a 22 year old male - and was recently diagnosed with type 1. I had been experiencing symptoms for around 3 months - weightloss, mood swings, blurred vision, hunger, increased urination extreme fatigue - but it took a family friend (a nurse) to detect that I should be tested for diabetes. I was taken to hospital the same day when my bloodwork came back showing dangerous results. I was treated for 3 days on a IV.

Now 3 weeks on I'm still struggling to adjust. I have a great diabetes coach and am using Novolog... but my sugars seem to still be outta control.. I know it takes time to learn full management but I am getting frustrated and upset with myself a lot.

I joined here because it sadly seems a lot of people around me don't wanna understand the full implications of this - my friends in paticular are so DONE with my moodswings, I'm feeling a little alone and isolated in this so it would be good to speak with some people who at least are in the same boat?

Look forward to it :)

Regards - Carey
Welcome Carey! So glad you joined the forum. You will get so much help from the members. I was diagnosed 10 years ago with T2 and I still am surrounded by friends & family members who don't understand diabetes. I guess you really need to have the disease to fully understand it. When your blood sugar readings are up and down, your moods can be up and down too. In time, this will all even out with good control. Come and visit often, we are here to support each other!
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