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Welcome, Betaoptimus! :welcome:

My entry into Diabetesland was very similar to yours. Fun, no?

It'll likely take a few weeks for your numbers to get to a near-normal level and smooth out. And yeah, as your numbers go down, you'll feel weird. Diet changes can also feel weird. But that shall pass!

You're doing a great job with the weight loss, by the way! :)

Shanny's right ... if they have not tested you for type, you'll probably want 'em to do so. (I had to ask for the testing -- they just had me down as "presumed Type 2.") Knowing your type is important for treatment decisions now and into the future.

Are you on any meds? When my numbers kept stubbornly high, I emailed my doc and we worked out dose adjustments online. That was my first salvo against Dawn Phenomenon.

Glad you found us ... sorry that you had to. You'll find lots of info and support here.

Please visit often and keep us posted!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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