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Welcome to the forum, Jim!

My blood sugar has been low - 90 to 140 or so. My dietician said I wasn't eating enough. I thought the lower the blood sugar the better but apparently that's not exactly how it works. I guess below 180 or so 2 hours after a meal is acceptable.
As others have mentioned, 90-140 readings are not low, especially for diabetics on medication. Many Dr's and Dietician's don't understand that even as diabetics, our BG readings don't always need to be high.

As an example, I was diagnosed barely a month ago with a fasting BG of 14.8 (267 by your scale) and A1c of 12.1... I don't know my current A1c but my Fasting BG's are now averaging about 6.6 (119) and my post-meal BG's are usually anywhere from 5.1 to 7.2 (92-130). This is a FAR cry from where I used to be, and those numbers are STILL (slowly) going down. The only Med I'm on for diabetes is Metformin. The last time I saw a BG near 140 was due to eating pizza... which is a definite no-no for me.

Most of the long-timers here can tell you that you don't have to settle for out-of-norm numbers. In fact many Type-II diabetics have consistently normal readings, and many have gotten themselves OFF medication and still have normal readings.

For Type-II's your levels are BEST controlled (in my opinion) by 1) Diet and exercise and 2) Med's if required. (My Dr. didn't even give me the option of diet/exercise when I asked. She was convinced I needed medication immediately because of my numbers. She's going to be SHOCKED by my next A1c, I think...)

I don't have any experience with the symptoms you mention, others can hopefully speak to that. My only issue was gastrointestinal stress from the metformin, which has been resolved by moving to an extended release form.
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