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Hi All,
Just signed up for information,and any tips and tricks of the trade, i have type 1 diabetes,23 yrs now.i still do the old carb diet,which i know is old school,so i need to pick peoples brains on how to do the calorie control,how to work out what to eat and how much insulin is required.
i currently take Actrapid 6units in morning
Actrapid 6 units + 28 units Lantis at lunch
Actrapid 10units at evening meal
Im an oddball aswell,as i work night,so its 4 shifts on and 4 shifts off.i didnt want to switch my meals about ,so i keep them as i would be working days,a struggle sometimes i know,but they tell me to keep as regular as possible with injection times.
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Do you count carbs or what do you do. It doesnt matter how many calories you eat as long as you know how many grams of carb you eat at each meal. Then you need to determine how much insulin it itakes to cover your carbs. It will take some experimenting to find that out. Try eating the same amount of carbs say 10 or 15 grams every day at the same time and then take your act rapid as much as you think it will take to cover it and then test every hour for the next 3 to 4 hours and see how long it takes to get back to where you were before you ate. That will determine your insulin to carb ratio. Ok lets say you eat 15 grams and it takes 1 unit yo put you bake to where you before you ate and it took 2 to 3 hours thst would make your insulin to carb ratio slightly lower than 1-15 probably more like 1-14. So when you eat you count all the carbs and add up the grams and then divide by 14 and thats how much insulin you need to take for that meal. It really is simple and easy to do.
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