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Hi All,
Just signed up for information,and any tips and tricks of the trade, i have type 1 diabetes,23 yrs now.i still do the old carb diet,which i know is old school,so i need to pick peoples brains on how to do the calorie control,how to work out what to eat and how much insulin is required.
i currently take Actrapid 6units in morning
Actrapid 6 units + 28 units Lantis at lunch
Actrapid 10units at evening meal
Im an oddball aswell,as i work night,so its 4 shifts on and 4 shifts off.i didnt want to switch my meals about ,so i keep them as i would be working days,a struggle sometimes i know,but they tell me to keep as regular as possible with injection times.
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Welcome to DF, Paul. There's plenty of tips & tricks to be had around here! :D Thank you for joining us and do visit often!
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