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I got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes on 10/14/11. I am 50, 6' 3" and overweight at 280 lbs. I have lost about 15 pounds so far, down to 265. I was having the common symptoms of thirst and excessive urination and went to my family Doctor. He ran an A1C test and it was 8.2. My blood glucose level was 231 when he tested it. He prescribed me Metformin, 500mg twice a day. I immediately changed my diet drastically and started testing on wake up and an hour after supper. He had me meet with a diabetes educator and she told me to eat 45 carbs a meal. I quickly discovered that is way too many.

I have been eating better, trying to limit carbs to 20 a meal, and I have been excercising the last month. My numbers have come way down from the first appointment. They are still not low enough and spiking high sometimes which is very frustrating. My wake up numbers are usually between 110-120. I started out testing one hour after dinner and read on one of the forums somewhere where two hours was better. I was running between 110 and 130 after supper. I read some articles about when to test and how to experiment to find peak spike time after meal. I went back to testing 1 hour after meal, whoa! Much higher numbers. I ate about 20 carbs at dinner and one hour later I was at a reading of 159! Not a happy camper. Tested again an hour later and they were 128. I guess the two hour number had me falsely believing my numbers were lower than they are.

I went to my 30 day follow up and discussed my dosage with the Dr. He wants to stay at the same dosage. I am a big guy (hopefully getting smaller) and have read that 500mg twice a day is not that big of a dose, in fact the Physicians desk reference says that significant clinical effects are not seen widely unless the dosage is 1500mg a day or more. It frustrated me that the Dr. kind of blew me off and kept me at same dosage. I adjusted to the Metformin fast, only had digestive issues for a few days. I have also lowered my caloric intake and my carbs significantly. Was totally sedintary before, riding stationary bike 30 mins a day six days a week now. I have the following questions=

1. Should my Dr. be adjusting my dose of Metformin after 30 days?
2. Does additional weight loss usually help much?
3. Have i been at it long enough to be this frustrated?

This is truly like standing on top of a big ball and trying to balance standing up. I don't know whether to feel good or bad about these numbers and whether my Dr. is being too conservative or not.

Any words of wisdom greatly appreciated!

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