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Newbie to the Forum and Diabetes

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Hi my name is Kevin,
I run my own business as a chocolatier and Patisserie, yeah I know not conducive to good diabetes control.
I have been reading and gleaming information from various sites of late as I was told some time ago that I had pre diabetes.
I had an A1C test last week and got the results today, it was 7.8. I don’t think that’s too good but will need to see what the Diabetes Nurse says when I eventually get to see her.
Any information or advice regarding these tests would be appreciated....a bit new to this.
Many thanks
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Hello Kevin, welcome aboard! In what country do you live? In the UK I am told that diabetics are told that an A1c below 7.5 is considered to be "good enough". Many doctors in the USA tell their patients to strive for an A1c below 6.5. My own personal doctor here in New York wants me below 6.0 since that is considered a nondiabetic level. I have managed to stay below 6.0 for several years but it was very difficult to do.

I hope you will find this site useful. Ask all the questions you want!

Hi Kevin: :)

In Canada, any number below 7.0 is considered Good. I always stay between 6.0 and 6.5. I was 5.9 only once that I know of. As Richard mentioned it is hard work for most to keep it under 6.0.

Ugh!! I'm not a chocolate lover but if I worked where you work and had it stuck in my face all day......I'd be DEAD. :D

With an A1c of 7.8 you are a Diabetic. Sorry, to say. With a Good Endocrinologist, Certified Diabetes Educator, Diabetes Communities and a Dietician you will be able to live a Good Life.....if you play the game right. I suggest you get a different business if you Really like what you sell. Good Luck with the Nurse.
Thanks for the information Richard and Terrie.
I live in Scotland Richard , in the far North to be precise.
As far as getting a new business Terrie, its all I know and im good at it. So I will have to learn to"sample less".
Seriously I am already pretty good, I taste chocolates Like others taste wine. I dont actually consume very much at all.
I will let you know how I get on.

Many thanks
Hey Scotland! Cool! I was just kidding about your business Kevin. ;)
I admire your discipline. Good show! Well, I hope that you do Fantastic. Even during a recession, People still enjoy a treat or two....or three....:D. Yes, please let us know how it goes. YW!

Oh by the way, an A1c of 7.8 on diagnosis is pretty darn Good. So many are dxd. with A1c's like 10.7, 12.2, 15.0, etc. It shouldn't take much to get yours down some. Much Luck Kevin!
Hi Guys,

Well as you know I had the appointment at the doctors for tests.
I have had the results of the fasting bloods and the next A1C.
The doctor says that the fasting bloods show that I am diabetic but as the A1C is at 7.5 now it shows that my diet is not affecting my bloods too badly. Just as well as I am a bit of a healthy eating freak.
Speak soon

Hi Kev: :)

Thanks for getting back to us with your results. You dropped 3 points. Very Good. Since you were just dxd., if you don't already, a daily brisk 10 minute walk is worth your time to help lower your A1c even more. You will feel even better staying under the 7.0 A1c line. Everything Good takes time and effort. I'm Glad that you are interested in your condition and eating healthy.

I'll be expecting some of your Fine chocolate in the mail. :D Take Care Kev.
Keep on working at it Kevin, you are improving. i agree with Terrie about exercising, that is very important.

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