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As a newbie dx'd 1/7/2011, I've spent a lot of time reading and learning but haven't posted much. BG at dx was 283 and H1C was 11.9. I am on 1000mg Met ER, and have been low carb since the first day. My numbers have been coming down, but I seem to be having issues with Dawn Phenomenon. Wake up numbers for Feb are between 115 and 145, with most being in the 120's and 130's. Later in the day I have had some below 100, and the post prandial numbers seem to be a reasonable increase from preprandial.

I've tried eating before bed to help the DP, but doesn't seem to make a difference. Any suggestions to get my wake up numbers down? Are these results typical?


Welcome Bernard

Well, as a newbie too, I cannot tell you so much about, but I have read DP can be caused by hormones or what you ate before bed.

If you are eating carbs at bedtime, it can affect your fasting numbers. On the other hand the reason can be your body rebounding from low BG levels at night.

Try to check your blood glucose level in the middle of the night (around 3 AM). If your blood sugar is high, you are probably experiencing the dawn phenomenon; if it is low, rebound hypo is probably at work.

BTW, I dont really know if its true, but just an hypothesis. I think you should check and discuss with your endo.

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