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Hey i'm a newbie of sorts i was diagnosed last year July with type 1 diabetes,
Wow what a major shock it has been. :eek: good to see that there are ppl around who understand the ups and downs of it.

Well i didn't orignally put much info in so i'll put a little about me.
I'm 22 and i live a lovely little place called Hoghton in Preston in the UK, i'm engaged to great man who is really supportive and always makes sure i'm not been unhealthy (loves to nag) :p i'm getting married next year may 23rd yay.
I have a little cutie girl doggie Clio who is a good hypo watcher and when ever i'm sick or depro she follows me every where lol like a puppy and she brightens my day :D.
I'm still really struggling to get things right unfort theres not much hep from the dietician who is really hard to get an appoinment with and occasionally my diabetes nurse ( i have a specialist one have to travel all over there plce when i have to see her not very convienient i shouldn't complain at least i don't have to pay for anything ).
I've found that i always always get all sickness's that go round right pain in the bum as i make a baaaadddd patient and i really hate using diabetes as an excuse for taking time off work i think if i could i would be a work - a -holic sickness prevents so there is something good about diabetes lol.

any i gotta go almost home time YAY
hope you understood my ramblings anyway i hope you all look after yourself and stay well..... ME:D

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Hello Samm! Welcome! :)

Yes, I understood you perfectly. My Daughter is 22. :D You made
me smile. I'm Glad that you are so upbeat about having Diabetes.
It looks Good on you. ;) Having a sense of humour will certainly help
you in the long run. It's Nice to hear that you are Happy and planning
your future wedding. Cool!

As far as your Dietician and Diabetes Nurse, since you have a computer
you could probably email them any questions that you have and they
should be Happy to send you an answer back. If you have a meter
that holds all the add-ins such as carbs, Insulin dose, etc. you could
send that to them also so they would know what's up with you.

Sorry to hear that you are catching a few illnesses. That usually
happens since our immune systems are not as Good. Of course, at
this time of year even the stronger Folks are catching Flu's, etc. Just
make sure that you test often so that you can correct, take your cod
liver oil capsules, frequent hand washing(since many things you touch
has other People's germs on it), lots of fluids(in our case not sweet),
and eat your veggies. HA! I can't believe I just said that.:rolleyes:Take
Good Care Girl.

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Hello Samm! You have a fantastic attitude! I sometimes think that is like winning half the battle because that kind of attitude usually leads to hard work and good control. I have been Type 1 for 62 years and I am very healthy. If you keep that attitude and get good control then you will greatly increase your chances of having a long, healthy life without serious complications. Good luck to you!


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My Diabetes consultant has been really great and happy with my control the first three months after my test i was 8.1 and my 2nd test in Decemeber was 6.5 so its getting better and i feel really amazing,:D i've had so much support from specialist nurses, dieticians my GP and family so i guess i'm extremely lucky, but i do know first hand how bad it can be if you don't look after yourself my one aunt died from diabetes not treating it right was the worst thing she could do and thats what she did. My fiance would never allow me to do that to myself and i don't think i could allow myself to do that to myself, i guess i'm a survivor :eek: now i'm sounding all philosophical o_O
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