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Hello! From the beautiful NW.
I've been a diabetic for a while and have never really taken it seriously. I just spent a few days in the cardiac icu and a week in the hospital. I had a severe case of DKA. It scared me enough that I really want to get better and be functioning and not always tired and sick. I'm hoping to find a few friends along the way who can relate.
Welcome, Jazzy! :welcome:

Yup, a nice case of DKA and a trip to the ICU is one heck of a motivator! That's where I got my diagnosis. 'Til then, I knew something was wrong, but could not find any answers.

It may take awhile to recover from being so ill, but it does get better. After a month-and-a-half, I'm still not 100%, but now I remember what feeling good is like, and I know how to get all the way back there.

Glad you found us. You'll find lots of info and support here. Looking forward to getting to know you better!
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