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Hello mariannee, welcome! I have been type 1 for 65 years and I am doing very well. I hope you will improve your control so that diabetes complications will be less likely to occur. What is your current A1c?

Bountyman may disagree with this, but I don't think a type 1 should be very much overweight. I gained too much weight in the 1990s and was diagnosed with insulin resistance, which is a type 2 characteristic. A type 1 with insulin resistance is called a "double diabetic". I had to work very hard to lose some weight. I dropped from 242 to 208 and felt much better. I still have insulin resistance, but not as much. I have to take a type 2 medicine along with my insulin to help with the resistance.

I believe that type 1 diabetics staying close to their ideal weight will prevent insulin resistance, but gaining a little weight should not cause a problem. I was 42 pounds overweight when I developed insulin resistance. My total daily insulin dosage had increased 40%. After starting the type 2 med and losing some weight my insulin dosage returned to normal, but the resistance problem will always be there.
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