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Newly diabetic in Maryland

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Hi all,

I got results from my A1C and it was 6.1. Prior to getting the A1C done I had a fasting glucose test of 139. I'm currently 51.

I started making lifestyle changes about 7 years ago when my cholesterol tested high for overall, HDL, LDL, and Triglycerides. All of the cholesterol numbers are now well within normal except for Triglyerides which I was able to get down to 350 but never further (from 5000).

So, I'm little surprised to be diagnosed as diabetic since I have none of the traditional diabetes symptoms, eat very little fat, and exercise frequently. I could stand to lose 10 pounds for sure but my doctor has never felt I carried a decidely excessive amount of weight.

I suspect that what has done me in is the large amount of fat-free pops and puddings, as well as starchy carbs like pasta, potatoes and white rice which I've used to compensate for not being able to eat any fats. I've also eaten far too many low fat yogurts and salty snacks as part of my diet.

The one question I have is does it make sense for my doctor to put me on medication fairly soon since I don't have a huge amount of lifestyle changes I can make? Since I got the diagnosis, I've cut out white bread, starchy carbs, high sugar desserts and the like, but I'm not sure there's much else I can do. I've also stepped up the exercise.

Any advice and thoughts appreciated.
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Hello Andrew: :)


Well, it doesn't matter at this point, what may have caused it. Sorry that you were dxd. You most likely have had it for years. Symptoms or not. Not everyone gets symptoms. Type 1's, yes.

I'm Glad that you have made changes to your Lifestyle. You've just added more years to your Life. Congrats! It would be Wonderful if everyone did that.

You could cut down on the amount of foods that you eat at each meal or go on the low-carb diet. Eat less fatty meats like chicken, fish and some eggs. Not processed. Preferrably, not fried. But if you must, then use extra virgin olive oil. If you don't already, take a daily cod liver oil capsule or 2(read the instructions).

If you drink, then drink less or quit. If you smoke, then quit. If you enjoy meditation continue to do so. If you don't have a pet, get one (if you like animals). They're Great therapy. Laugh a comedy. Try not to stress out. If you get into more depression than you can stand....then get help for it. My younger Brother unfortunately, did not. Drink your water.

It depends on the Dr. He may just want you to continue with diet and exercise for a while to see how your numbers come out. If they continue to rise then he will put you on a medication. Test your sugars at home and keep a log of the results and amount and type of foods that you eat, the times, exercise and any illnesses. If you feel that you should be on a med., then discuss it with him.
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Hi Andrew:

I bet that you'd Really want to know then, that bison has much less fat than beef. ;)

We were given cod liver oil capsules in school since the first grade to help prevent colds. I've taken it most of my Life. It's supposed to be Good for the heart, bones and brain since it has a higher level of Vit. A and D than other fish oils. My cholesterol and trigs have always been Good. As with everything, take as directed.

Andrew said:
I do have two very large furry dogs and know well their therapeutic values. :D
Unconditional Love. :D Gotta Love 'em.

You're Welcome. Thanks for caring about yourself. :thumb: I hope that things went Well with your Dr.
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