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newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic

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I am a 66 year old male who was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic two weeks ago. My blood sugar was 353. I am using 22 units of insulin once a day. My blood sugar is currently 134. I am happy wih the progress but I am concerned about being a type 1 diabetic. Do I have more risks then a type 2 diabetic?
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think you are a higher risk of having very high sugars and diabetic coma than a T2 but besides that I don't think so. why? are you looking to trade diesases?
Hi, and welcome!

I was diagnosed T1 when I was just about 53 - what a shocker, huh?

It probably goes without saying, but there are not guarantees...some people adhere to a stict control regimen and develop complications and some people are not well controlled but never develop complications.

I've tried to maintain my A1c under 6.0. This past holiday season excepted, I generally eat low(er) carb, and try to exercise every day hiking, exercise biking and gardening. I've found that aside from insulin shots and finger stick tests, my life continues as before diagnosis - my husband and I still spend several weeks every year canoeing in Canada, we entertain frequently, and enjoy heading out for Date Night every week. I do not spurn restaurants - I can always find something low carb!

Hope this helps a little. Let us know how you're doing.

hi Ohenkowski... welcome. If it makes you feel any better, I'm T2 diabetic but I require insulin because my beta cells in pancreas have been slowly destroyed over the years. I still produce some of my own insulin, but not enough for what's needed. I have high BGLs at times too. The only problem I've found is that you are much more prone to infections as a diabetic... and I've been absolutely bombarded with them for past 4 years making me quite sick and my BGLs really hard to manage. I've only been put on insulin Feb10. From what I've been told by endo diabetes is progressive and it's possible pancreas just doesn't work anymore at some point. The difference between T1 & T2 is that with T1 your body attacks insulin producing cells... so autoimmune condition. Here where I live I find that they can get confused as they automatically assume if you need insulin, then you're T1 which isn't true. :)
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