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First off, I want to THANK you all so much for all of your help the last few weeks. I wanted to list some of my symptoms that I have had over the last few years in order to possibly help any one who may be trying to figure all of this out! I am 37, 119lbs and 5ft 4. I was diagnosed a few weeks ago with " potential" diabetes and I am awaiting the results of further testing. So her it goes, Im going to list it with the year beside it. I know I have probably had some issues with BG for at least 5 years!

2002 i noticed cycles of loosing hair and eye lashes, each cycle would last a few months then all would seem normal. It did this about 4 time with months/ years between these cycles.

2002/2003 I started to notice that I would have long periods of time where the muscles close to my shoulderblades and shoulders seemed to almost contract and just hurt for weeks/ months at a time and then it would seem to get better only to come back months later.

2003 I noticed that I would sometimes get light headed and had a hard time " thinking" it would come and go. At the same time i noticed I was tired a lot, but again it would seem to come and go.

The above continued on and off...Fast forward to 2009

2009 I noticed that my eyes were sooooo dry and I was developing a growth on my eye. My skin was also extremely dry.

2010 I noticed that what I thought was anxiety was continueing to get WORSE ( shakey, racing heart, light headed), my teeth were splitting, and the last thing that made me finally go to the Dr was I began to have very blurry vision and EXTREME fatigue.

I now know what I thought was anxiety was a false hypo reaction, I also had to pee all the time, but thought it was from having babies:eek:,
Im not sure why I never thought of diabtes, but I just didnt. I was all over the net trying to figure it out and had a full check up in 05 and everything checked out fine:( i just want to put it all out there for anyone who may be trying to figure this crazy thing out.

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........................2009 I noticed that my eyes were sooooo dry and I was developing a growth on my eye. My skin was also extremely dry................
I too suffered from what the medical people called "dry eye" and also from skin tags on the eyelids (also on the neck and under the arms) if that is what you mean. I also suffered from very irritating dry eczema patches on my legs and lower body.

I never associated any of this with diabetes nor did my doctors but I'm not so sure these days because all these things seem to have disappeared since I normalised my blood glucose levels by changing my diet.

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