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Hi: :)

As you know, last year our Government has given free Insulin
pumps and accessories to any Diabetic Child in Ontario, who has
applied for one.

I'm 99.5% sure I heard correctly last night on the News, that
they will also be giving free pumps to any Insulin Dependant Adult
Diabetics who apply for one. I'm not sure what they cost in other
countries but as you know in Canada and the U.S., the cost is
$6,000. - $7,000. per pump).

The reason being is that the Gov. hopes Diabetics will be able to
get better control of the disease and hopefully they won't be visiting
the Hospital as often since they should experience less hypos, hypers
and complications. (I suppose they'd prefer for us to stay around
to work and continue paying taxes also). ;)

Since the Province of Ontario has approximately 850,000 Diabetics
and I believe has the best economy of all the provinces, the Gov.
are trying the free pump project here first. (Although the Province
of Alberta has recently been doing Very well with the oil
they may be close now economy-wise).

If this project is successful, then the rest of the Diabetics in each
Province across Canada will be getting the free pumps also. So lets
hope that it is successful.
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