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normal blood sugar reading but still having weird symptoms....

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I am 31 years old, and have been having crazy symptoms the last few weeks. I get these dizzy spells, where I can't think, get a weird tight feeling around my middle, shaky, blurry vision, and very hungry/thirsty. When I feel like I can get up, I need to eat something right away, and then, get so tired, I usually fall asleep for a few minutes. 15 min later I feel much better. I just went to a nurse prac. and she did testing, that showed everything in the normal range, with blood sugar at 83 (after fasting thru the night). Can that still be low blood sugar, or diabetes? My symptoms are getting more frequent. The only thing she found was I was Vitamin D deficient. Thanks for any sugguestions......
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You may be in the early stages of insulin resistance. When you eat a carby meal your bgs spike very high. Your pancreas will then respond by making way too much insulin which hits you all at once . The speed of the crash may make you feel sick. Getting a bg meter at Walmart sounds like a good idea. Test 1 and 2 hours after meals and check out how high you are spiking. Many times fasting bgs are the last to spike in diabetics but you could still have a problem.
70 is at the low end of normal, 84 and 100 are definitely in the normal range. Most of us if we go below 70 will treat it with 15 grams of carbs to raise us to 85-100. Most type 2's and non diabetics will not go too low because their livers will kick in some extra glucose to prevent this. What kind of diet are you eating? It could be some kind of reaction to wheat, dairy, etc.
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